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"Do not feed the Internet" by John Atkinson of Wrong Hands

How spammy forum posts can hurt you

I have a friend who runs a nice little community forum. After several years of friends just ‘chatting’ online, the forum has suddenly started to become something of a spam magnet. Actually, I think they’re lucky to have been able to avoid the vermin for so long. I could immediately see several ways how the forum could be improved to keep the spam down, and suggested them.

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Is content curation theft?

I recently suggested content curation as a way to build website traffic. I’ve since discovered that some people argue that curation is theft.

According to the Actulligence blog, it’s all theft and curation is shit. I wouldn’t go that far, but given they feel so strongly about it you can read their views on their site and I won’t even quote a teensy sentence of theirs on here. Their argument is that curation is all about copying and pasting other people’s content, with no value added. Therefore, content curators are layabouts and thieves.

Quite a bold statement, isn’t it? Nevertheless, I have some sympathy with it.

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