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Buying Starter Websites: A beginner's guide by Kay McMahon

Buying Starter Sites: a beginner’s guide

Here’s a special offer for you (limited time only):

Get a free copy of my new short eBook, Buying Starter Websites: A beginner’s guide. The book is not yet available anywhere else. Get it here first before it’s published elsewhere. Subscribe to my email newsletter and download it today!

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Bullshit stamp

Cosy! Flippa’s new friends and the “passive income” myth

It sometimes seems when I’m writing about online business that I need a shovel to do my research, not a computer and an Internet connection.

As some of you will know, I’m currently writing a book about buying websites. It’s long since ceased to amaze me how much bullshit is spouted about how easy it is to build up a successful business online, but it still manages to raise a jaundiced chuckle now and then.

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The proof of the Flippa pudding…

A guest posting by Dave

Earlier today Kay sent me an email about a website auction she’d just discovered on the Flippa marketplace. Kay is not a big fan of Flippa by any means, but she follows developments on there as they’re relevant to her role as Site Admin on the forum. Today she happened to notice that someone was offering a “Top Proofreading & Editing Content Business Website” for auction, or for sale at a BIN price of $147. On looking more closely, she was convinced I would want to read about it myself.

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