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Cosy! Flippa’s new friends and the “passive income” myth

It sometimes seems when I’m writing about online business that I need a shovel to do my research, not a computer and an Internet connection.

As some of you will know, I’m currently writing a book about buying websites. It’s long since ceased to amaze me how much bullshit is spouted about how easy it is to build up a successful business online, but it still manages to raise a jaundiced chuckle now and then.

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Cover of Snake Oil!

Snake oil! How ‘Make Money Online’ scams work …and how to avoid them

A quick search of the Web will turn up thousands of different websites, all promising to show you how you can make incredible amounts of money online, with very little required from you – little or no expertise, little or no effort, and just a few dollars to unlock the door to limitless wealth.

Sound too good to be true? Sadly, there are a lot of people out there who don’t realise that these propositions are often exactly that.

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Cover of How to create $1600 per month niche websites

How to Create $1,600 per Month Niche Websites for Passive Income (2nd edition) – a book review

I first reviewed this book in October 2013, and was surprised by the amount of interest my review received. Several people commented to say that a new edition had been published since then which had removed a lot of the problems I’d outlined in my original review of the first edition.

I endeavour to provide useful reviews on this blog, so in the interests of setting the record straight I bought the new edition of the book on Amazon today. Let’s see how I got on.

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Cover of How to create $1600 per month niche websites

How to Create $1,600 per Month Niche Websites for Passive Income—a book review

[Review of the 1st edition]

Well, I knew this wasn’t going to be a long read at an estimated 21 pages, but I was curious to see just what amazing advice might be shared in such a short document. Mr Hedley (Alex) tells us that he’s an Internet entrepreneur and doesn’t want to bore us with his motivational story in the same way as other Internet marketers do. He’s going to teach you his SEO method without any fluff and his system isn’t taught ANYWHERE else on the Internet.

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AdSense Income Simplified by John Benjamin

AdSense Income Simplified – a book review

Why, oh why do people write a load of rubbish “teaching” people how to make money online? Yeah, don’t bother to answer that – it’s because the most profitable way to make money online is to teach people how to make money online. Thus every man and his dog wants to get in on the MMO game. This book is no exception.

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The proof of the Flippa pudding…

A guest posting by Dave

Earlier today Kay sent me an email about a website auction she’d just discovered on the Flippa marketplace. Kay is not a big fan of Flippa by any means, but she follows developments on there as they’re relevant to her role as Site Admin on the forum. Today she happened to notice that someone was offering a “Top Proofreading & Editing Content Business Website” for auction, or for sale at a BIN price of $147. On looking more closely, she was convinced I would want to read about it myself.

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"Buying Websites Selling Websites" by David Gass & Chris Yates

Buying Websites Selling Websites – a book review

Lately, I’ve been reading a lot about buying and selling websites. It’s not really something I do a lot of myself, although I dabble in it. Even so, I wanted to gain a better understanding of what’s involved so I’ve been looking at a wide range of material. Some of the info available online is high quality and, needless to say, some of it isn’t. Sadly it’s often the ‘names’ and the ‘gurus’ who are selling the real low-end stuff. Let’s have a look at one of these today.

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The wrong sort of traffic

“Traffic = $$$” This mantra is commonly chanted on the Web, particularly by two sorts of unscrupulous people: “Get-rich-quick” scheme hucksters trying to tout their latest…

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