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Kindle Direct Publishing: updating a book

From time to time you may find that you want or need to update an eBook that you’ve already published in the Kindle Store, whether it’s to update information or correct a typo, or something more radical like a brand new edition.

On the face of it, it’s a simple process.

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The Facts Lab Book of Greece

Facts Lab Book of Greece – relaunch promo!

I’ve just relaunched the first of our trivia books, It’s all Greek to them! 101 amazing facts about Greece and the Greeks by Theodore Koukouvitis, to bring it into line with our others in the Facts Lab series.

It’s now called The Facts Lab Book of Greece (imaginative, huh?) and has a shiny new cover modelled on the other books in the series, The Facts Lab Book of Brazil and The Facts Lab Book of Insects. (The old cover was driving me mental – just a lot of boring text that did absolutely nothing to catch the eye.)

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Cover of How to create $1600 per month niche websites

How to Create $1,600 per Month Niche Websites for Passive Income (2nd edition) – a book review

I first reviewed this book in October 2013, and was surprised by the amount of interest my review received. Several people commented to say that a new edition had been published since then which had removed a lot of the problems I’d outlined in my original review of the first edition.

I endeavour to provide useful reviews on this blog, so in the interests of setting the record straight I bought the new edition of the book on Amazon today. Let’s see how I got on.

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WWWordsmith: Forging a living from online writing

January Sales! Get free business eBooks

We’re putting three of our ErgoGuides business eBooks on a special free promotion for two days only. If you missed the free promos the first time around when we launched the books, now you have a second chance to get them free again.

The sale starts at 0800 GMT on Friday 27 December (nominally—depending on Amazon’s internal workings, the actual start may be anything up to two hours after that time) and ends 48 hours later, ie 0800 GMT on Sunday 29 December or up to two hours afterwards. Get them while they’re free!

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KD Suite

KD Suite – a brief overview

When I first became interested in publishing on Kindle, I wrote a series of blog posts to document my progress. One of the biggest problems I found at that time was trying to ascertain the demand for Kindle books. It was very difficult.

Ryan Deiss’s Kindle Challenge offered a calculator but there was general agreement that it was so wildly inaccurate, it wasn’t any use. Lis Sowerbutts suggested Make A Killing On Kindle by Michael Alvear, which was the best in the market at the time. Fast forward from all that, a year ago, and now there’s KD Suite…

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Martin Gessner's "How to buy an established website"

Buying Websites: How to Buy an Established Website – a book review

Plenty of people, including Ed Dale and Mark Thompson, have been talking up this book and its author so I was expecting something really good.

My first impressions were that it’s a nice easy read and well laid out with lots of screenshots. But there’s not actually very much in there, and what there is tends to be a bit superficial and in some cases not particularly accurate.

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