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Buying Starter Websites: A beginner's guide by Kay McMahon

In the book you’ll learn about:

Part One:
Getting started
  • The pros and cons of starter sites
  • The nature of business risk
  • Business reasons for buying a starter site
  • How starter sites are monetised
  • The importance of planning
Part Two:
Selecting a site
  • Considering what you can put into the site’s development
  • Types of starter site by function
  • Some good things to look out for
  • Things to be careful of: red flags
  • Acid tests: is the site worth pursuing?
  • Where to buy: marketplaces, forums, brokers
  • The Flippa Starter Sites Section
Part Three:
The buying process
  • Valuation
  • Negotiation
  • Auction tactics
  • Due diligence: what it is, who should do it, how to conduct it
  • The Golden Rule of Due Diligence
  • The site transfer
Part Four:
Deal done!
  • After the purchase: fitting your acquisition into a long-term strategy
  • Supporting your strategy
  • Further reading

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