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English Explained 8: The Adverbs by John C. Lipes

English Explained 8: The Adverbs – book review

by John C. Lipes
A review by Dave

If you’re going to teach something, you should understand it yourself first – at least to the level where you can be sure that what you’re teaching is correct. On that count alone, English Explained 8: The Adverbs doesn’t just fail, it fails with an adverb: “miserably”.

Worse still, it’s part of a series of 14. I shudder to imagine the mangled concept of grammar that any student completing the series would have.

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UsVsTh3m: Raping presents

Dave’s Christmas spelling twits

If you’re a regular reader of Kay’s blog, you may remember my “spelling bee” post from a little while back, giving a couple of hints on how to avoid some common spelling mistakes.

‘Tis the season to be jolly (or it soon will be), so here’s a link to a dozen amusing Christmassy spelling mistakes that have cropped up on Twitter a few times already this year.

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The Oatmeal's Twitter Spelling Test

Dave’s spelling bee

Is your spelling as good as you’d like? Or do you feel it lets you down sometimes?

Before reading this article, you might like to try The Oatmeal’s Twitter Spelling Test. There’s only 20 multiple-choice questions, they’re relatively simple, and it doesn’t take long.

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