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Kindle Direct Publishing: updating a book

From time to time you may find that you want or need to update an eBook that you’ve already published in the Kindle Store, whether it’s to update information or correct a typo, or something more radical like a brand new edition.

On the face of it, it’s a simple process.

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Gumroad home page

Sell your products online with Gumroad

In my earlier blog posting, I wrote about how artists can use Gumroad to make money online. But it’s not just useful for artists, it can be used by all sorts of people to sell all sorts of things.

Gumroad is for independent writers, designers, game developers, musicians, artists, filmmakers, and anyone in-between. Simply, if you’re a creator — Gumroad is for you.

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KD Suite

KD Suite – a brief overview

When I first became interested in publishing on Kindle, I wrote a series of blog posts to document my progress. One of the biggest problems I found at that time was trying to ascertain the demand for Kindle books. It was very difficult.

Ryan Deiss’s Kindle Challenge offered a calculator but there was general agreement that it was so wildly inaccurate, it wasn’t any use. Lis Sowerbutts suggested Make A Killing On Kindle by Michael Alvear, which was the best in the market at the time. Fast forward from all that, a year ago, and now there’s KD Suite…

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Cover art of WWWordsmith

WWWordsmith: Forging a living from online writing

Everyone’s supposed to have a book in them, aren’t they? That piece of folk wisdom underlies the dream that many people have of making a living online through writing. WWWordsmith: Forging a living from online writing is here to explain how, if they’re good enough, they can make that dream a reality.

Authors Kay McMahon and Theodore Koukouvitis have teamed up again to write about the ins and outs of making money online from writing. Each of them brings their own particular perspective to bear on the online writing industry.

The result is a book that covers all aspects of earning a living online through writing. First, a brief introduction looks at the practical benefits of an online writing career, and sets the scene for the discussion of the two basic ways of making a living online through writing: writing as a job (freelancing), and writing as a business (self-publishing). There follows a look at what makes people willing to pay for writing – the needs that the writer must satisfy in order to succeed.

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Smashwords – the process

(A guest blog post by Dave)

You may remember from Kay’s recent post that our first eBook came out of Amazon’s Kindle Select programme a short while ago, so it was time to give Smashwords a whirl. As ever, she asked me to do the donkeywork of getting the book ready for publication.

Smashwords lay heavy stress on making sure the eBook is correctly formatted. If you don’t meet their requirements, your book won’t make it into their Premium Catalog [sic]. But if your document is well-formatted in the first place (proper use of headers, positioning of text by appropriate use of styling rather than spaces and carriage returns, etc) then it should be a straightforward enough process to get it to conform.

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Moving on from Amazon KDP Select

Our first book, Bangkok Basics – 101 Tips, has now run its time in the KDP Select programme, which requires that you agree to Amazon having the exclusive rights to sell it for 90 days. The advantage of joining Select is that you can do a freebie launch promotion of up to five days and it helps you rank higher in the Amazon search engine. If your book is in the Select programme, it’s also available to Amazon Prime members to borrow, and you get paid every time someone borrows it. And there’s some good news for those whose book gets borrowed. I recently received an email from Morris Rosenthal (I’m signed up to his email list). Morris reported that Amazon was giving a “Christmas bonus” to its authors by doubling the monthly pot for Select from $700,000 to $1,400,000 for December. (They extended the programme to cover the UK at the same time.)

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