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80/20 Sales and Marketing

80/20 Sales and Marketing – a book review

This book consists of a foreword by Richard Koch, author of The 80/20 Principle and The 80/20 Manager, 25 chapters, and an epilogue. Having recently written the post about delighting your customers and whether it’s a good strategy or not, I was keen to read more about the 80/20 rule. This book seemed like a good place to start and it had mostly received favourable reviews on Amazon. (Not that you can trust reviews on Amazon these days.)

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AdSense Income Simplified by John Benjamin

AdSense Income Simplified – a book review

Why, oh why do people write a load of rubbish “teaching” people how to make money online? Yeah, don’t bother to answer that – it’s because the most profitable way to make money online is to teach people how to make money online. Thus every man and his dog wants to get in on the MMO game. This book is no exception.

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Martin Gessner's "How to buy an established website"

Buying Websites: How to Buy an Established Website – a book review

Plenty of people, including Ed Dale and Mark Thompson, have been talking up this book and its author so I was expecting something really good.

My first impressions were that it’s a nice easy read and well laid out with lots of screenshots. But there’s not actually very much in there, and what there is tends to be a bit superficial and in some cases not particularly accurate.

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How to invest in online real estate by Chris Guthrie

Buying Websites: How To Invest In Online Real Estate – a book review

This book is by a well-known figure in the Internet Marketing field, and it comes highly recommended and raved about by many. So, let’s have a look at it.

As is usual, the book starts with the book cover illustration, the title page, copyright notice and disclaimer. Next up is a “free bonus” page with a link to his site where you can get his free checklist. Most books or courses just give you a checklist without making a song and dance about it, but I guess he’s the type of guy who likes to be seen as being there to help people.

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"Buying Websites Selling Websites" by David Gass & Chris Yates

Buying Websites Selling Websites – a book review

Lately, I’ve been reading a lot about buying and selling websites. It’s not really something I do a lot of myself, although I dabble in it. Even so, I wanted to gain a better understanding of what’s involved so I’ve been looking at a wide range of material. Some of the info available online is high quality and, needless to say, some of it isn’t. Sadly it’s often the ‘names’ and the ‘gurus’ who are selling the real low-end stuff. Let’s have a look at one of these today.

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