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How to draw Cartoons by Brian Platt

How to draw cartoons – a book review

This is a fantastic little book. It’s only 64 pages long but it’s amazing how much information the author imparts in such a small space. Better still, all the instruction consists of the author showing and doing what he’s asking the reader to do.

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Cover image of Butterick's Practical Typography

Butterick’s Practical Typography—book review

When it comes to publishing on the web, whether it’s websites or eBooks, typography comes pretty low down most people’s lists of priorities. As long as the words are legible, that’s good enough. Now, where’s my hi-res cover illustration and my snazzy logo?

Matthew Butterick’s here to tell us why this approach is all wrong, with his book, Butterick’s Practical Typography.

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Cover of How to create $1600 per month niche websites

How to Create $1,600 per Month Niche Websites for Passive Income (2nd edition) – a book review

I first reviewed this book in October 2013, and was surprised by the amount of interest my review received. Several people commented to say that a new edition had been published since then which had removed a lot of the problems I’d outlined in my original review of the first edition.

I endeavour to provide useful reviews on this blog, so in the interests of setting the record straight I bought the new edition of the book on Amazon today. Let’s see how I got on.

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English Explained 8: The Adverbs by John C. Lipes

English Explained 8: The Adverbs – book review

by John C. Lipes
A review by Dave

If you’re going to teach something, you should understand it yourself first – at least to the level where you can be sure that what you’re teaching is correct. On that count alone, English Explained 8: The Adverbs doesn’t just fail, it fails with an adverb: “miserably”.

Worse still, it’s part of a series of 14. I shudder to imagine the mangled concept of grammar that any student completing the series would have.

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Cover of How to create $1600 per month niche websites

How to Create $1,600 per Month Niche Websites for Passive Income—a book review

[Review of the 1st edition]

Well, I knew this wasn’t going to be a long read at an estimated 21 pages, but I was curious to see just what amazing advice might be shared in such a short document. Mr Hedley (Alex) tells us that he’s an Internet entrepreneur and doesn’t want to bore us with his motivational story in the same way as other Internet marketers do. He’s going to teach you his SEO method without any fluff and his system isn’t taught ANYWHERE else on the Internet.

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