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Getting started in online business

People often ask me how they can get started in online business. This isn’t usually a question I can easily answer, because most of the time I don’t know anything about them. Choosing the right path to success for them will depend on many things, such as their personality traits, strengths, interests and many more unique personal qualities which only they fully understand about themselves.

That said, I try to give them some pointers about what they might like to do and how they might go about achieving it.

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Buying Starter Websites: A beginner's guide by Kay McMahon

Buying Starter Sites: a beginner’s guide

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Cosy! Flippa’s new friends and the “passive income” myth

It sometimes seems when I’m writing about online business that I need a shovel to do my research, not a computer and an Internet connection.

As some of you will know, I’m currently writing a book about buying websites. It’s long since ceased to amaze me how much bullshit is spouted about how easy it is to build up a successful business online, but it still manages to raise a jaundiced chuckle now and then.

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Making money online for expats (or any other niche?)

I would have thought that most expats would be interested in making money online. It would be ideal for low-paid teachers, trailing spouses, and anyone generally interested in making some extra cash. I’ve tried our expat audience on the subject a few times but they’ve never shown much interest.

Maybe I had the wrong approach.

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Selling Digital Products the Simple Way

Selling digital products the simple way

If you’re a creative kind of person and would like to sell your creations online, very likely the first question you’ll ask is: How do I do it?

The problem for many creative types is that they don’t have the time, technical skills or inclination to build themselves a website of any kind—let alone an eCommerce website, which is a notoriously complicated process.

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Social media use fails to create new customers

According to an article by earlier this month, companies’ use of social media is failing to create customers.

The article starts off with a graph from Custora which shows what a small percent of customer acquisition is attributable to social media. But the graph only gives you part of the story.

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