How to learn drawing and painting in Photoshop for free!

10 day free trial
There’s more than one way to skin a cat. You could, for example, wade through countless YouTube videos. Many of these are excellent in themselves, especially if you’re wanting to learn some specialised technique. There are also some video-makers who provide some forms of more structured learning.

In my opinion, the very best way to learn Photoshop – as well as hours of practising – is Daniel Lieske’s new course on  Daniel calls this course, which was introduced in July 2015, “The Great Training” and it’s a fair description. This is, in my opinion, the most useful course a Photoshop beginner could ever hope for. I’ve been struggling with Photoshop for more than a year – reading “how to” books and watching video tutorials. I only wish this course had been available when I got started. It’s superb!

What’s the catch, I hear you ask. How much does this amazing course cost? Well, you can get it for free. offers a free ten day trial to new members, and there’s a lot you can learn in 10 days if you set aside the time.  During that time, you get free access to all their courses, including the one I’m raving about here. The video below is the introduction to Daniel Lieske’s digital drawing and painting course.

And what if you’re not sure if Photoshop is right for you?  The other good news is that you can try that for free as well. Just head on over to Adobe and claim your free month’s trial.

Please note that these free trials are only available to new members. If, like me, you’ve been a member of Lynda before, then you’ll need to buy another subscription to access the course. However, at £15 for a month of unlimited Lynda courses, it’s still a great bargain. I reckon “The Great Training” course is worth a lot more than £15 alone!

Good luck and do feel free to comment below if you try it.




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