I had expected to receive comments about the book itself after people had read it but one forum reader wanted to know more before deciding whether or not to read it in the first place.

He asked:
“What’s the best/most useful part of the book?”

To which I replied:
“Hmm, interesting question.

What’s best/useful must depend on the reader and their own experience and knowledge. The book is aimed squarely at those who are new to online business, indeed it’s subtitled “A beginner’s guide”, so that’s the audience I’m writing for.

In which case, I would say that the most useful part is where I take a critical look at some of the aspects of buying a website which a newbie might not be aware of. For example, I warn about “potential”, “profitability” and “passive income”.

“What?” I hear you cry, “Aren’t these ‘good’ things’?”

Sure they’re good, but claims about them when they don’t exist aren’t so good. It’s something for the buyer to be wary of.

Another thing that might be of interest is that Flippa announced a new section in their marketplace a couple of weeks ago, and it may have led to an increased interest in buying starter sites.

Thus I saw there might be some demand for a beginner’s guide to these things because of this new development in the buy/sell market.

I hope that answers your question, but if not fire away with more.”

Comments are very welcome so please do join in with your opinions or questions about the book.

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