AdSense Income Simplified – a book review

AdSense Income Simplified – My $300 per day AdSense Secret

by John Benjamin

Why, oh why do people write a load of rubbish “teaching” people how to make money online? Yeah, don’t bother to answer that – it’s because the most profitable way to make money online is to teach people how to make money online. Thus every man and his dog wants to get in on the MMO game. This book is no exception.

My first impression of the book confirms my expectations. It’s very poorly written, with lots of spelling and grammatical mistakes. It doesn’t look as though the author is even trying to write well.

If a women searching for…

I wonder how long it took to write this short book.

Right off the bat, the author recommends I had a look and it doesn’t seem to be anything more than an attempt to build an email list. If you sign up, you can get a bonus of some video screen capture software thingy plus over 2,000 PLR articles. Wow. I guess the idea is to spin the PLR content into being unique. What a load of crap. If you do sign up to get on the email list (free) you can receive emails every day telling you about unsaturated niches. Hmm. Telling everyone about good niches would saturate those niches too, no? Or maybe there’s not a lot of people on the list.

Next we get this gem:

The Keyword Is Good If It Fits Into These 2 Categories…

1. Any niche relating to women

2. Anything involving “free”

3. Not related to people who have internet marketing experience

4. Offers value to its users

This confuses me because I don’t have my calculator handy and there appears to be four entries in the list of “two categories”. What kind of advice is this anyway?

“Any niche relating to women”? What does this mean? A niche telling men how to be attractive to women? A niche targeting mommy bloggers? Or what?

I could equally say that it’s good to target any niche relating to men. It’s just as (un)helpful.

“Anything involving ‘free'” – fair enough. There are plenty of people who like to get free stuff, although most of the intelligent ones have progressed beyond the “It’s the Internet so it must be free” mindset these days.

“Not related to people who have internet marketing experience”? Is this a euphemistic way of saying “you can make more money by targeting gullible newbies”? In which case he’s probably right. There’s big money in selling rotten eggs to newbies.

“Offers value to its users”? Nice little bit of stating the bleedin’ obvious. Pity he didn’t follow his own advice with this book.

Next he explains how to do keyword research using the Google keyword tool. Despite the fact that this book was first published in August 2013, this advice is already obsolete. The keywords tool was replaced recently with Google Planner, so the screenshots of how to use the now superseded version are worthless.

He then goes on to describe the old way which people used to make money out of AdSense. You targeted high paying keywords, created content so it would attract adverts related to those keywords, sat back and enjoyed the money while you slept. I did it too – back in ye olden days when it worked. It doesn’t work now. Not only have the algos all changed to make it tougher to rank well in the SERPs, there’s also retargeting to consider. These days it’s unusual for people to see adverts related to the web page’s content. They’re much more likely to see adverts related to what their interests are deemed to be by the advertising supplier. And so the book chunters on with its obsolete advice.

By now we’re on to section three. This is about domain registration and GoDaddy is recommended. Fair enough, I suppose. Plus the author is at least aware of Google’s EMD algo update, so that’s a little bit helpful. Then follows advice on how to register a domain.

For example, if you want to buy a new domain name for “how to exercise” on simply visit the site and enter the site name you have chosen probably “howtoexercise” and select .com or .net, hit search and follow the instructions to pay. If the domain name is unavailable try a little variation of the domain name you want to buy like “exerciseright” e.t.c

Next up is how to get hosting, and the next is about how to set up a WordPress site. Then he suggests you buy a heat map product for $67, and also suggests which WP plugins to install. Section six describes how you make a web page targeting your chosen keywords. And then, for some unknown reason, he explains how to write an “about us” page on your blog. Then we get a lot of stuff that looks like a copy-’n’-paste job about “contact us” pages and privacy policy.

Section seven tells us what keyword density is, and gives advice on how to use your target keywords on the page.

Section eight explains what backlinks are, along with some kind of daily plan, one of the typical MMO recipes for getting more backlinks so you can rank high in Google. Then he recommends ScrapeBox ($97), which apparently scrapes blogs and comments to blogs among other things. He goes on to suggest some other scummy and spammy-sounding things at various prices (most of them ending in that magic number 7, of course). In some cases you can get these services more cheaply “if you mention my name as your refer.”

Then follows some suggestions of where to get advice – the Warrior Forum and BlackHatWorld. Or you could outsource to him personally. The book ends with:

If you need help with creating a high converting adsense static site with 5 pages generating at least $ 300 per page let me know. We charge $ 165 only for building a site which is far higher than what many web designers will charge you. If you also want one month SEO to be included it will cost $ 250 only. We have one on one coaching available via SKYPE for $ 65 if you want to do the process yourself.

So, there you have it – how to make $300 a day on AdSense. Isn’t it nice to know how simple it is to make money online these days?

Anyway, I’m not really sure why I bought this book other than mild curiosity about what it might contain.

I DO NOT recommend buying this book. However, if you’re daft enough to want to buy it anyway, here’s my affiliate link. AdSense Income Simplified – My $300 per day AdSense Secret (Benjamin)


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  1. Bill

    I agree. This book was a load of bullshit, as you so elequently put it.

  2. Alberto Rendon

    Thanks for posting this article review about that ebook. I now have idea what is inside and I am aware not to buy this ebook. Anyway I learned some good things from what you have written that gave hints about the best niche. Thanks again.


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