Get some fantastic free university courses!

I discovered Coursera recently. Some of the world’s top universities offer free courses on a wide variety of subjects, including business. The courses are all free, although you can pay a little to have your assessment count towards a formal qualification. I’ve done a couple of the courses so far and found the quality to be very high. Why not have a look and see if there’s anything to suit you?

The courses are delivered by a series of short videos and some reading materials. They also usually have little tests so you can evaluate how you’re getting on and whether you’re understanding the material. Plus they have discussion forums where you can talk to your peers and staff about the courses. One thing that I particularly like about it is that there’s no obligation to attend all lectures, do any of the tests, or anything like that. (Obviously you have to do that kind of stuff if you’re aiming for a qualification.) You can just dip in and out of the courses as you please according to what interests you.

It really is a fantastic resource! Do yourself a favour and have a look.

If you’re interested in adult education, you might also like to look at CoursesGuide – this is one of our sites and has some interesting courses on it, including some free ones.


2 Responses to “Get some fantastic free university courses!”

  1. Theodore Koukouvitis

    Wow thanks for the heads-up, Kay! This is a fantastically useful resource for those who love learning new things!

  2. Kay

    Thanks, Theo. I love Coursera so I hope you enjoy it too. The only trouble is that, because it’s free, I tend to sign up for more things than I can reasonably manage to do. Still, it’s nice to be able to dip in and out of the courses when you have time.


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