How important is logo design for your brand?

This quick posting was inspired by seeing this article on Design Festival. That’s the best laugh I’ve had today! Do have a look! However, despite illustrating their points with some hilarious images, they are actually raising some serious issues about how a poorly designed logo can cause negative perception of your brand.

I’m a big fan of getting professional logos done for my sites, if and when I can afford it.  Not all my sites have good logos, some are cobbled together DIY jobs – and it shows! This blog is a prime example.

Here are some which we had done professionally. All three were the work of Mark Ballantyne of Eagle Imagery.

However, some people don’t see the value of spending money on artwork.  I’ve seen several very successful sites which don’t have a proper logo at all. Perhaps it depends on what industry you’re in. What do you think? Do you spend money on a top quality logo, go for the middle ground by getting a cheap one, or do it yourself? Please feel free to comment.


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