Tube Traffic Secrets by Jeff Johnson – Part Two

As I (or rather Jeff Johnson) was saying in Part One, anyone can create a video but the vast majority of people don’t know how to optimise the video for both traffic and leads. YouTube wants to send you free traffic – they make money from doing so – but you have to tick their boxes to make them send you that traffic.

According to Johnson, there are 15 very specific factors which you need to consider or they won’t send you the traffic. The average video gets fewer than 100 views. To make sure your video does better than that, you have to think about the 15 factors – keywords, social, etc. (He doesn’t list all 15 factors here.)

You must make sure your videos are properly optimised to build your list, build your brand, and ultimately build your business. It all boils down to seven simple steps. There’s a difference between simple and easy, but don’t worry about that because he’ll show you it all in his training programme.

Seven Simple Steps

Step 1 Market Research

Market research is the foundation of a successful business. You need to find the right audience, ie people who like both to watch videos and to spend money.

Step 2 Keyword Research

It’s not just a case of finding some keywords which people are searching for. It’s a bit more complex than that. When you buy his training course you’ll learn how to pick the low-hanging fruit. This is what he calls the X-Ray Factor. It helps you to spot the high value keywords which are worth tackling.

Step 3 Optimise Your Lead Funnel

Now you’ve got the traffic you need to be turning that traffic into leads and converting those leads into money. Again, don’t worry, his training will show you a quick and easy system to create a lead market from your videos.

Step 4 Optimise Your YouTube Channel

This is where most people go wrong. They don’t understand brand awareness. More brand awareness and increased brand exposure results in more traffic and leads for you. You need to customise your YouTube channel and promote your own brand.

Step 5 Optimise Your Videos For Both Free Traffic And Free Leads

Most of his training course is in this area. Again he says that YouTube has 15 very distinct factors they use when they decide how much traffic to send you. (We’re talking about a search engine algo here, right? Can it really be possible that a Google-owned engine is so straightforward and easy to game?) If you don’t understand these 15 factors and all their nuances then YouTube won’t send you all the traffic you want.

Even though there are 15 factors (still undisclosed what they are) only a few of them really matter to get your video to become a traffic making machine. But there’s no point in getting a heap of traffic if you’re not converting it. (I’ve been banging on about that for ages now.)

Step 6 Promoting Your Videos For Maximum Traffic And Leads

You need to leverage the viral power of social media such as FaceBook and Twitter to jump start your traffic. You can also do some really cheap PPC, there are options available for you which are so cheap they might as well be free. He’ll also show you how to get your YouTube videos to rank high on Google within minutes – and get them to keep their ranking! He’ll also show you inexpensive ways to outsource the work. His training course contains other promotional strategies and lots of secrets. (Ooh, secrets. I like secrets.)

Step 7 Re-optimise Everything

This is where you go back over all the previous steps and try to optimise further to improve your results. The aim is to squeeze even more traffic and leads from YouTube and Google. His training course will teach you the secrets of opt-in pages, calls to action, YouTube analytics so you can weed out the dross and concentrate on what’s working. It’s a case of test, tweak, improve.

Having gone through the seven simple steps, the pitch now becomes a bit more salesy. We are reminded that video is the future and YouTube is the biggest source of free traffic. Anyone can do this. You don’t even need to make professional videos, even “crappy little videos” will do. Then we get some case studies to show how easy it is. And remember it doesn’t matter what the video looks like, it’s what you do with it that’s important.

He tells us to “Simply follow my proven step-by-step training programme” to get heaps of free traffic and leads from YouTube and Google. He guarantees it and is willing to put that guarantee in writing.

Course materials

Next up is a list of stuff you get if you sign up for his training course.

  • access to his private membership site for 90 days – all the strategies and training materials are in there
  • live training videos – these keep you up to date with any changes on YouTube
  • you can ask him any questions you like (Excuse me, mister, where did you get your shoes?)
  • advice, live, from him or his team of video marketing experts
  • you get to keep everything – all the training materials etc

Thousands of people have paid $2,000 for one of his training courses, or $997 for his seminar DVDs. This training course costs much less. It’s only three easy instalments of $97. (Bah! I’d thought that the whole thing cost $97 when I started watching. Yes, I know he said “get started today” for only $97. I should have kept my eyes better peeled.)

If you click on the huge arrow to buy now you’ll get instant access to everything. There’s a 30-day unconditional money back guarantee so you can test drive it. (Maybe I should. What say you?)


And now for all the bonuses which come with the product. Almost every bonus has a $2,000 value, so to avoid repetition here you can take it as read that each bonus is worth $2,000 unless otherwise stated. (I’m mildly curious to know what upsales these bonuses might lead to but, alas, I may never find out.)

Here they are:

  • how to screencast like a pro (but I thought he said earlier that crappy little videos would do the job. Why might I want this?)
  • how to crush it as an affiliate with YouTube videos (I don’t really understand what this means but apparently it’s like a 24-hour cash machine. My local 7-Eleven has a 24-hour cash machine. I’m not sure if I need another.)
  • how to build massive lists and turn those lists into money
  • the quick and easy way to create nonstop traffic with blogs
  • (limited bonus only for the first 15) you can visit his private offices and participate in a live video creation workshop

Now you can click to buy at 3 x $97. But if you want to pay upfront, you can get a $50 discount by paying $241 today.

No doubt this won’t be the last we hear of this Tube Traffic Secrets by Jeff Johnson. But that’s enough about it for today.


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