Tube Traffic Secrets by Jeff Johnson – Part One

Yesterday I wrote about how loads of people are making money with their YouTube videos. Naturally, I wondered what type of products there might be to spell it all out for someone who is new to all this.

I didn’t have to look very far. Jeff Johnson sent me an email saying that I can get started today for only $97. That doesn’t sound like too much to spend so I watched his video presentation (ie his audio sales page for his Tube Traffic Secrets). It was only at the end of the presentation I discovered that the $97 was only the first instalment of three, so the product actually costs three times more than I thought it did when I started.

Anyway, despite it being a sales pitch for his Tube Traffic Secrets, he did have a lot of information to impart, and didn’t burble on wasting time like so many others. He spoke quickly and said a lot in his half-hour presentation. (I had to keep stopping the video trying to keep up with him whilst taking notes.) So, what’s it all about? Here goes. (All paraphrased according to my interpretation of what Mr Johnson said.)

Scene-setting and case studies

This is about how to get free traffic and free leads from YouTube. You should be tapping into YouTube for its business building powers. Did you know that YouTube is the second most popular search engine after Google? And, of course, Google owns YouTube anyway, so there’s an extra synergy in doing well on YouTube. Every day people around the world watch YouTube videos to the extent that there are 4 billion views of them per day. It’s a massive market. The equivalent of half the world’s population watches a YouTube video every day. And there’s no sign of this trend slowing down.

Some research has predicted that 99.9% of consumer traffic on the Internet will be driven by videos by as early as 2013. It’s been on ABC news and Good Morning America about how people are getting rich from YouTube videos. (See also my earlier page about the subject in general.)

As an example, he showcases “three suburban moms” and how they’ve turned their homes into cash machines. They just make videos about hairstyles or how to make nachos, or whatever. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated. YouTube shows ads on their videos and splits the profit with these women. Thousands of people are making loads of money with videos in this way. It doesn’t have to be a professional video. The point is that you create the content which people are searching for and also would like to share with their friends.

The next case study is about a guy called Mike, an Internet Marketer, who made thousands of dollars from creating four “crappy videos”. (No idea what Mike thinks about that assessment of his vids. LOL)

How to unlock YouTube’s potential

What you need to remember is that YouTube needs people like you to create quality content for them. They want content that’s useful for their visitors so the visitors keep coming back for more. People like to learn new things so if you can create content to help them, then you’re onto a winner. YouTube does all the heavy work of promotion for you and sends you more free traffic and leads than you could possibly get on your own. (This sounds very similar to promoting eBooks on Amazon, because if you can do well in the Amazon search engine, they do a heck of a lot of promotion on your behalf too.) So, you create the content and they promote it. You have a win-win situation.

It’s not difficult to do. The secret is to become a YouTube partner. But the secret to trousering even more money is to optimise your videos for both free traffic and free leads at the same time. I’ll tell you about Johnson’s recipe for doing that in Part Two.


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