Join my lending team on Kiva

Have you heard of Kiva before? It’s a microcredit scheme where you can lend $25 to an entrepreneur in a poor country. Once your loan gets paid back (as it virtually always is – there are very few defaulters indeed) you can lend that same $25 to someone else.

The money can really change people’s lives and it doesn’t cost a lot to do it. I’ve put 50 bucks into the scheme and have lent to people doing things as varied as fishing in Samoa to making cement in Ghana.┬áIt’s just like giving a leg-up to the world’s poor.

Apart from the $25 you have to put up for the loan, it’s free, and for that, they keep you informed about how the entrepreneur you invested in is getting on, and you can have a nice warm fuzzy feeling about helping to change lives for the better. I’m very proud to say that my Kiva team has lent $5,600 and helped to fund dozens of small businesses around the world.

If you’d like to be a part of this very worthwhile cause, then please join my team! You can join Kiva as an individual, of course, but it’s also good to join a team and see your team make a difference. I sure as heck couldn’t have put $5,600 into Kiva, but I’m very pleased to be a part of a team that has.

Here’s a link to join the team. Hope to see you there!


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