Blast from the past!

My guitar got knackered somewhere on my travels. Most likely it was caused by damp conditions but the scratchboard was all warped and broken. I knew it was an old guitar, I’d bought it yonks ago from a music teacher who’d had it for several years previously himself.

Anyway, I did a search for the model – it’s a Yamaha FG-300 – and was amused to find these guys getting excited about such a thing. They called it a “blast from the past”. LOL.

What I’d not realised before is that the Yamaha FG-300 was one of Yamaha’s first models of acoustic guitar, and it’s considered to be a vintage model now. A vintage guitar seems suitable for a vintage old girl like me. Sadly the crazy distinctive tortoiseshell scratchboard will have to be replaced with something more ordinary. I guess that will affect the value of the guitar although the instrument itself should be just as good as it was.

I expect it’ll come back from the repair shop as good as new. And then I suppose I’ll have to learn to make a better job of playing it.


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