Kay’s Traffic is moving!

Since I set up this blog about website traffic, I’ve found loads of other things I’d like to write about which don’t really belong on a blog about website traffic. Therefore, I’m moving all this content over to a personal blog where I can write about anything and everything that takes my fancy.

None of the old content from this traffic blog will be lost – it’ll all be transferred over to the new blog. And then you can look forward to articles and discussions about a wider variety of topics.

I’m currently on holiday in Bangkok, so this isn’t going to happen immediately. It’s just a heads-up that it’s coming soon.

If there’s anything you’d like me to research and write about then please feel free to ask. If I like the idea, then I’ll do it for you. As always you can give your feedback, add to discussions, or make requests by using the comments form below.

Meanwhile, we need to design a new masthead. Dave suggested using an old photo of me in the jacuzzi, but I don’t think that’s a very good idea. Do you?


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