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Facebook – broadcasting your secrets to the world

I’ve never been particularly keen on the social media, for three main reasons. One is that I’ve never found them very interesting – so many posts and tweets are idle chat (or even random burble) rather than genuine news. The second, related, reason is that I’m not so arrogant as to think that all my friends and acquaintances are really that interested in my every move, so I see no reason why I should tell them all that my left nostril is itchy this morning or that my computer keyboard is full of fag ash. The third is that although I’m not a particularly private person, I don’t necessarily want to tell the whole world all my business. I think it should be up to me who I tell about what I’m up to.

So I was quite shocked to read a Wall Street Journal article the other day saying that two gay students had effectively been “outed” to their parents by the unwitting actions of their Facebook friends.

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