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The purchase funnel: sites and stages

Affiliate marketing and attribution 1: Lunch thieves

When discussing affiliate marketing, there are at least two schools of thought about who should earn the affiliate commission which results from a successful sale. This is referred to as attribution. Some argue that it should be the affiliate who attracted the first click. Others argue that since it’s the last click which gets the sale, then it’s that click which should earn the commission. The arguments are a bit more complex than that.

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Affiliate marketing and attribution 2: Take the red pill

As we’ve just seen in Part 1, there are several touch points along the consumer’s path to purchase. For example, they may have read about the product on a blog or review site prior to researching further on some other sites and finally making their purchase somewhere else entirely. Each step in the process played a useful role in leading to the ultimate purchase. However, if only the “last click” is rewarded then this is discouraging for the affiliates early in the purchase process and could also be detrimental to retailers if they don’t optimise their approach to affiliate marketing. Consequently, there has been some recent interest in attribution modelling.

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